Noble Families of Govorya Edit

Jakoba Edit

From the book:

The nobles of the Jakoba dynasty made their fortune in Calabria by selling arms and armor made of eryth steel, an alloy famous for its swirling red patterns. The method for making eryth steel remains a Govoryan mystery. The Jakobas are mostly infamous for the widow Lady Amalasand Jakoba, known necromancer and possible murderer of Don Fidelio Rinaldi.
A sizeable house of gray foxes, with many branches. Since the Prophet founded the empire of Govorya, and began carving its demesne from the many kingdoms of the continent, the Emperor has invariably been selected from this dynasty. The official perspective is that they are divinely ordained; the cynical consider them simply influential, and aided by centuries of tradition. Not all families in the house are influential, or prosperous. Fortunes wax and wane, and to consider the families united by their shared blood would be foolish.

Letrareposa Edit

A small and clannish house of black foxes. Their fortunes have been made by trafficking in slaves and other somewhat unsavoury businesses. Very few actually hold noble title; those who do were granted title for rendering some important service. A notable figure from this family is Ali Zarin, infamous in Calabria as Alizarin the Red, self-proclaimed Grand Captain of l'Olonoise, with authority over a fleet of nearly two dozen pirate ships.

Yenot Edit

Raccoons, tending to be highly educated. Prevalent throughout the Church and the State as bureaucrats, theologists, and natural philosophers. They have strong ties to Calabria's College of Dunwasser, including an exchange program. The family's illuminated histories of the world are prized everywhere.

People of Power Outside Govorya Edit

Mosuhl Edit


The leading family of the province since anyone can remember. Hadi was the governor who negotiated with the Jakoba to avoid complete annihilation. The family now has two branches- the main that resides in Govorya and the side branch that exists back in Mosuhl to rule over the now-province.

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