Family Members Edit

The two most recent generations of the Satrap Family

The Elders Edit

Khalid Edit

The current aging patriarch of the family. He's grooming Ayberk to take his place in the military, with no concern that he will not be promoted to such. He's a stern man but every level of confidence in most of his children- with the exception of Demir (whom he took in as a bastard child) and Mhor (who has a much higher aptitude for magic, academics and strategy rather that pure physical prowess). He's also developed a slight bitter edge after the death of his first wife, which those in court find odd seeing as he married his (supposed) mistress after.

Arij Edit

The first wife of Khalid from their arranged marriage. She matched him in stoic posture, however was less critical and more apt to simply listen. She had a history of getting ill after each pregnancy, and after Mhor the illness didn't go away. However it took a few years until she finally succumbed to it. There are those who claim poison, but personal friends of Khalid would know better.

Hana Edit

The second wife, a Govoryan merchant's daughter. Bubbly by nature, people wonder how much of it is her innate personality and how much is a shield against the general hostility from her arrangement with a previously married man. Is presumed to be the mother of Demir, as well as definitely the mother of Lale

The Children Edit

Ayberk Edit

The stone-faced first son of the family. While he inherited his father's serious and effective demeanor, he did not inherit his finesse for the noble socializing. Demir was a blessing in that he is the buffer against Aya's brusque personality.

While he should by rights be the head of the Satrap house in Govorya, the Jakoba leader has expressed his interest in employing Ayberk for the state.

Demir Edit

The second child, a bastard and therefore with no rights to family title but he’s become  like Ayberk’s shadow. Or would be, except he’s far far more charismatic and generally a gifted speaker. He’s also the best with money and all fiscal matters. Which is good, since he is the most hedonistic. While he might be a better orator and organizer than his older brother, his lineage deprives him of all advancement. Though everyone agrees he's still got a good portion of control via less direct means.

Bora Edit

Middle child and proven to be extremely gifted at actual combat, rather than the abstract concept. Because of this, and his abnormally large size, he was selected to return to Mosuhl to head the family branch there. His imposing stature made the harsh climate and harsh reception both a little easier. Currently the only married child.

Mhor Edit

While by far the most academically and strategically able of all the Satrap children, his older family considers his mind squandered on magic as well as on a son so slight of build.

It has yet to be determined if the Jakoba (and his siblings) share the same mindset. Though he still manages to keep in contact with at least some of his siblings via less than conventional means.

Lale Edit

The youngest, like a Demir-Lite. Less focused on personal advancement doesn’t mean she is any less manipulative or able however. She and Mhor tend to be close, similar to Aya and Demir, though with with the brother and sister there is no leader. Instead, they tend to work towards each other's goals. Though Mhor has a tendency towards the protective older brother syndrome.

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